Pet urine is one of the most damaging stains that can occur to your carpet. If left un-treated it can cause bleach stains, and in time can cause delamination of the carpets backing. Topical treatments are ineffective. Here are some helpful guidelines for you to follow.
Purchase a 2 1/2 gallon wet/dry shop vac. Read the directions before using, you will have to take out the filter inside first. If you find a wet pet stain, take the shop vac. and extract out as much pet urine as possible, next mix an ounce of white distilled vinegar into two cups of water, pour in a circular fashion around the stain and and towards the center to condense the stain. Do not pour directly into the stain as this will cause the stain to migrate outwards and leave a ring. Now take the shop vac. and extract out the water/vinegar solution. Repeat if needed. If the stain is dry then leave the vinegar and water solution set for twelve hours then extract out. repeat if needed.