Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the more frequent services needed for home maintenance.

Professional carpet cleaning should be done every twelve to eighteen months in order to maintain manufacturer warranty.

Carpet cleaning performed professionally needs to be done at industry standards. These standards are set by the manufacturers and also the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). These standards shall include pre-vacuuming done either by the home owner or the professional carpet cleaning service in preparation for the actual carpet cleaning.

The pH balance is also a crucial aspect of professional carpet cleaning for  the suspension of soils and the removal of the cleaning products and leaving the carpet free of residue. Furthermore the pH  should not exceed certain levels (depending on fiber type), otherwise damage to the protective coating will occur.

Fiber identification is another important aspect of professional carpet cleaning as each fiber has its own unique characteristics and reactivity to soils and the cleaning products used. It is crucial for the professional carpet cleaning service to have full knowledge of these characteristics and the cleaning products to be used for these different types of fibers.

(THE CIRCLE OF CLEANING) an often overlooked element of professional carpet cleaning. The professional carpet cleaner must have full working knowledge of these elements if the service provider is going to deliver a professional carpet cleaning. The circle of cleaning is the balancing of all the aspects involved in professional carpet cleaning. These aspects are pH balance (acid versus alkaline), proper level of heat (to excites the molecules of the cleaning products), proper level of lift (vacuum pressure for the removal of maximum moisture), proper level of agitation which comes from blast of the cleaning product as it exits the spray jets on the cleaning wand.

A little known but also a very important aspect of professional carpet cleaning and the balancing of the circle of cleaning is DWELL TIME, dwell time is the amount of time the cleaning product needs to be in contact with the soil before the separation between fiber and soil can occur and renders the soils ready for removal.