Claims Inspections

What do you do when there is a perceived problem with the condition of your carpet?

Definitely call a reputable, certified inspector. Joe Higens at Higens Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has advanced certifications in many areas of textile flooring, the most extensive is that of inspections. He has a systematic approach and diagnostics skills that will lead him to the actual problem being perceived. Some of these conditions can actually be found on a microscopic level hidden deep within the fiber of your carpet. Other conditions may have nothing to do with the carpet but could actually be found in incorrect installations, subfloor conditions, incorrect carpet cleaning, or indoor or outdoor air quality such as fume fading or ozone if near the coast. Manufacture related problems can also be found.

Higens also has the skill of corrections such as color, pile reversal correction rather it is within the roll or if it is a storage and handling condition. If you are experiencing any unsatisfactory conditions with your carpet then give me a call as many of these problems are easily corrected but can be difficult to find without the correct approach and diagnostics equipment and skills