Difficult Stain Removal

The approach to difficult stain removal has to be broken down into four different categories:

  1. Synthetic stains such as dyes from food coloring found in Kool Aid, soft drinks and sauces
  2. Petroleum stains from grease, makeup and ink from ink pens
  3. Biological stains from protein, blood, vomit and other bodily stains from human or animals
  4. Cellulose stains from plants such as coffee, tea, grass stains, sugar and other condiments

Water stains and rust stains are also considered difficult stains and each one of these categories will require a certain approach if the difficult stain is going to be permanently removed. You can also have a combination stain, for instance if you put creamer in your coffee, now you have a protein stain and a cellulose stain. The process to remove combination stains will require two or more approaches if the difficult stain is going to be successfully removed.

If the approach to a difficult stain removal process is not correct then the risk of setting the stain is likely to happen. During the process of difficult stain removal it is important the service provider’s process will not damaging the protective coating, never should there be aggressive agitation or the risk of fiber distortion is likely. Now because you have a spot on your carpet doesn’t necessarily categorize it as a difficult stain, most common stains can be easily removed if you are using a safe and approved stain removal solution, if this does not remove the stain then call a professional.

There are many reasons that can cause this to happen, one of the most common is the home owner or renter using a product that should not be used such as dish soap. This may remove the spot but now there is a soap residue left in the carpet, this soap residue will attract and hold onto dirt causing a new stain, when this new stain appears the individual interprets it as the reappearing stain and then again will use more dish soap.  Another cause of the reappearing stain is incomplete removal of the stain, the stain may be removed from the surface, but further in the carpet a stain remains and this remaining stain below the surface will inevitably come up to the surface and reappear.

If you are having difficulty with reappearing stains or soils you can contact me at anytime.