Before & Afters

Below, you will find a variety of common carpet problems that need repair or restoration, including color matching for carpet patterns or removing burns, bleach stains and other tough stains such as wine, soda etc.

These require specialized knowledge and technique which I have been trained and certified in. I also remove smoke and pet odors using Thermo Fogging. The video to the right, shows how I repair the original pattern and colors to a damaged carpet, using special dyes and airbrush them on to recreate the original pattern and look to the carpet.

Bleach Stains

To remove bleach stains, first I need to mix the right dye colors to match your carpet. Next I airbrush the color to fill in the bleach stain. The final result is that color has been restored from what got bleached out.

bleach1 bleach2 bleach3



Here are some before and after shots of how cigarette burns are repaired: first I cut and trim out the burned area, and replace with a piece of matching carpeting, taking care to match the pattern.

burn1 burn2 burn3


Tough Stains

Tough stains can vary from soda, wine and many other substances. Using the correct solution for your carpet fiber type is vital to permanently remove them from your carpeting or upholstery. Here, I am removing a red soda stain, with a solution I mixed specifically for this carpet and stain type.

stain1  stain2  stain3


This is water stain from a leaking refrigerator on the opposite side of the wall.

1  2 3

Major Carpet Repair

This carpet was damaged by a dog. The renter was frantic because the landlord was coming the next day for a walk through. I cut out the damaged area. I took a section from the closet and replaced it.

1 2  3

This was a snag from a dog’s collar. Do not cut the yarn from the carpet. This can be repaired with a special needle, shown below, by sewing the loops back into the backing of the carpet.

before needle after


Restoration Cleaning

Restoration cleaning will require two or more methods of cleaning and one to two days of dry time between methods. The photos below are an example of a restoration cleaning which was done over a period of three days with dry time between methods. Notice the end result.

ba1 ba2ba3ba4


Odor Control

These pictures above show me working at another residence with odor control application. For this specific job, I am getting rid of cigarette/tobacco smoke odors left behind from the previous tenants. I’m a using a thermo-fog application of a solvent-based product that eliminates the molecules causing the smoke odor. It does remove these odors permanently.

or2  or3 or4